A place where 5th-8th grade students grapple with life’s issues and how their faith can be part of their everyday lives.

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Study Series - In My Opinion

May 10

Keep in mind that a conversation about gossipmay tempt your few to gossip about others. Their filter for recognizing the difference between sharing their thoughts about gossip and actually gossiping about others isn’t totally there yet. That’s why it’s wise to start the conversation by reminding students that you aren’t there to gossip about anything or anybody specifically, but rather, to talk about the subject of gossip itself and the way it impacts middle schoolers’ lives.

May 17

In your group, you’re probably dealing with three different types of students: those who run away from and avoid hard conversations, those who will have them when they have to, and those who jump at the opportunity to confront other people. Keep all three perspectives in mind as you’re having this conversation. Remember that for some, this will be about finding the courage to speak up. For others, it will be about encouraging them to keep speaking up in healthy ways. And for others, it will be about recognizing the unhealthy ways in which they might be speaking up.

May 24

Let’s see how you might be judging others based solely on opinions and let’s be encouraged to change the way we see others by taking steps to get to know them.

Events and Classes

Online Summer Camp Night In

Friday, June 12

7 – 11 pm

Online, join from your house.

Fusion (5th – 8th) – Arise (9th – 12th) – & Your Friends (5th-8th)

Every hour will have a game, snack, speaker, and worship! Schedule and more details coming soon!

$25 – you get a camp bag with snacks and supplies

Register by May 26th and receive a camp T-shirt

Vacation Bible School

Join us for “The Best Week of the Summer!”


July 19 – 23

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Crew: age 3 – grade 4

Blackshirt Assistant: grade 5 – 8 (going into 6-9)

Volunteer: all other high school and adult volunteers

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The Atrium of Horizons is filled with tables and chairs of confirmation students and mentors together having a meal and discussion together.

It’s a chance for students to dive deeper into their faith and make commitments with their lives. Students are invited to take place in confirmation January-May of their 8th grade year. Each year Horizons has over 20 students in confirmation, and the whole church community comes together at the end of the class to celebrate and lift up all of these students. 

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