Join Us! We have everything from the Best Week of the Summer to the quietest moment of the day!

Because of people like YOU!

Each year we get together and donate supplies to help out area schools as the new school year starts.


Be part of the mission in giving everyone the opportunity to learn and grow and the tools they need to do so.


Choose “School Supplies Zeman & DZ”

Fusion 5th Grade Welcome

Wednesday, August 19 at 7 pm

Zoom Event

For New to Fusion 5th Grade Students


You will receive supplies and a welcome pack dropped off on your porch before the event.


Sign up by August 12

Arise Youth Fall Kick Off

First night of Arise Youth!

Join us for friends, games, worship and more!


Sunday, August 23, 7-8:30 pm


You may get wet!

Bring your masks!

See you by the Patio at Horizons!

Horizons Prayer & Challenge Path

New & OPEN!

Knowing that social distancing was going to be important this Summer, we have worked the past couple of months to make a few updates for you, your friends, and our neighbors as you use the prayer path! Thanks to your generosity and the many volunteers at Horizons we are excited to announce that the updates are all ready to go!!

More Prayer Stations, Mind Body & Soul Guides, QR Codes, and a Treasure Chest!

Come Enjoy the great outdoors with some adventure!

Special Note: If others are using the path while you do, we ask that you please practice safe social distancing. 

Kids Playing Footgolf at Horizons Prayer and Activity Path
High school kids and leaders on the steps by a fountain making funny faces or doing funny actions laughing and frowning being fun.

Job Opening

Youth Ministry Director


A deeply rooted in his or her faith, passionate about building relationships with middle school and high school students.