Join Us! We have everything from the Best Week of the Summer to the quietest moment of the day!

Vacation Bible School

Let’s Take a trip on the Scenic Route VBS

Join us for “The Best Week of the Summer!”


We know things are looking a lot different this year for many things. We are still looking forward to the best week of the summer.  Check out the VBS Road Trip.


July 19 – 22

Adam on left baptizing young lady with pitcher pored over her head. Parents smiling in background. Right pitcher Jason poring pitcher of water over young man baptizing him as dad stands smiling in the background.

One Special Sunday

Come join us Sunday, July 26 for One Special Service at 9am!

•It’s Baptism Sunday! If you wish to be baptized in Christ.
Get Registered. Walk Ups are welcome!

•Bring a lawn chair! We’re clearing an area in the parking lot so we can sit in the sun together! Distanced, but together! – You may sit in your cars too.

•Celebrating VBS! We’ll sing some VBS Songs with the band, so bring the kids to sing along!

**Service will also be available online! Facebook & YouTube

Horizons Prayer & Challenge Path

New & OPEN!

Knowing that social distancing was going to be important this Summer, we have worked the past couple of months to make a few updates for you, your friends, and our neighbors as you use the prayer path! Thanks to your generosity and the many volunteers at Horizons we are excited to announce that the updates are all ready to go!!

More Prayer Stations, Mind Body & Soul Guides, QR Codes, and a Treasure Chest!

Come Enjoy the great outdoors with some adventure!

Special Note: If others are using the path while you do, we ask that you please practice safe social distancing. 

Kids Playing Footgolf at Horizons Prayer and Activity Path