Hopelessly Hopeful

AUGUST SERIES—Finding Your Way Back to God
With Pastor Jason
Luke 15:18-20, John 3:16-21

Whether you feel far away from God or are currently on auto-pilot, most of us have some undesired distance in our spiritual lives from God. This series is built for you—a beacon of light beckoning you to come home, to awaken, to find your way back to God. This Sunday, we’re reminded that in a world where all GOOD things should work exactly how we expect, and in a way that avoids as much pain as possible, we are called to awake to a God who is far more powerful than our earthly expectations, and how His good, is often greatest through the pain we experience. Find hope in your helplessness! We CANNOT wait to see you!
Horizons— Leading all to Jesus to become life-changed life-changers!

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