Regrets to Redemption

Finding your way back to God with David Loos

Luke 15:17, Isaiah 43:16-21

Whether you feel far away from God or are currently on auto-pilot, most of us have some undesired distance in our spiritual lives from God. This series is built for you—a beacon of light beckoning you to come home, to awaken, to find your way back to God. Many of us can admit the distance we feel between us and God comes from a hidden, deep sense of shame and unworthiness—we feel we’ve made mistakes God cannot accept or have failed to live up to the standard other Christians have set. Yet again, we see this week God not only sees these regrets, but desires to use them as a means to show His grace to us and awaken us to Himself once again. Take the 3rd step this week. We CANNOT wait to see you!
Horizons— Leading all to Jesus to become life-changed life-changers!

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