Advent is the time we take before Christmas to prepare for the arrival of Jesus, God’s greatest gift to us. This Christmas Advent Box will guide you and your family/friends through activities devotionals, and lighting your advent candles. Our hope is that you can use this box to come together for fun and learning.

Activities start Sunday, November 29.
Advent boxes will be available to pick up in the wood box outside of Horizons front door.

Your Christmas Advent Box

Enjoy the experience of time spent together as you prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Share your experience with others, take a video or picture as you read the scripture and light your candles. Upload them HERE, Horizons will share them throughout the Advent season. 

· Use any supplies you have at your house (paint, markers, garland, etc)

· Use the 5 circle stickers to place where the candles will sit on your board.

o The stickers will help tell you which candle to light each week.

How-to Guide

· Every Sunday, starting November 29, light one candle and read the bible verse.

· Each week you will light the previous week candle as well the current week’s candle (ie. Week 3, you will light the candle for week 1, 2, and 3)

· Our Advent version may be different than the one from when you grew up. It will be explained in the Advent Wreath Packet why we chose to change it up this year!

· Find the advent readings for each week in the Advent Wreath Packet.

Daily Devotional Postcards

· Use this daily on your own or as family time

‘Do Not Be Afraid’ Advent Packet

· Use this weekly packet for Sunday family devotionals and activities

· The Advent Calendar gives you ways to spend time together each day.

· Do activities in order or if time doesn’t allow on certain days, switch them up, and do them on different days!

· Be sure to scratch off the surprise activities each week!

· Click HERE for instructions on specific activities where you need to go or do something along with supply needs

· Join us for Christmas Eve services in person or online

o Online services 3, 5, 7, & 9 pm

· Find out more about our Christmas Eve services

Take part in selecting Christmas Music. Share songs you know and love and join in on Christmas Eve to sing and praise God!

Christmas Music Poll – Vote Today!