Anxous for Nothing

The Foundation is Truth - Week 1

In the 8th chapter of the gospel, according to John, Jesus tells us that if we continue in his word, we are truly his disciples, and we will know the truth, and the truth will make us free. There's a difference between what's true and the truth. Something true for me might be different from what is true for you. True is simply someone's perspective of the truth. In an ever-changing world, the truth that God's glory was revealed through Jesus' death and resurrection will never change. Stress is unavoidable, but when that stress turns into chronic anxiety- Jesus tells us to continue in the word. Being a follower of Christ is a process, and sometimes we must take it just one little step at a time to rediscover the truth and hope of Jesus.

Anxious for Nothing - Week 2

The fear of God is the beginning of controlling our anxieties. And by fear- I mean standing in awe and surrendering to our God. We serve an awesome God. Creator God is creative- have you seen the star-nosed mole? If not, Google it! Our Sovereign God rules over the massive universe; the farthest galaxy discovered so far is 13.3 billion light years away! And God only knows how much more we have to discover. We stand in awe when we think about what God is capable of. And when we can pay attention to God when things are going well, we will train ourselves to see God when things are not going well. I hope that you seek and surrender to God today.

Anxious for Nothing - Week 3

Exodus 34:14, says that God's name is jealous. God is not jealous of us, but for us. And that's a really good thing. It shows that God cares deeply for us and that he longs to have a relationship with us. If there is no communication, there is no relationship, and if we are not communicating with God, we don't have a relationship with God. Jesus tells us to communicate by asking and searching and knocking. These are action words. These are things that Jesus is telling us to do, steps to take, to know God, to communicate with God, because we know that God wants our attention. So I hope you can find time today to ask God for what you need. Blessings and be well.

Anxious for Nothing Week 4

The best moments any of us have as human beings are those moments when for a little while, it is possible to escape the squirrel cage of being me into the landscape of being us. - Frederick Buechner

Anxious for Nothing Week 5

Anxiety and Gratitude