The Big Win

This sermon series looks at the difference between winning and finding the Big Win, by focusing on what really matters – a vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Week 1  - Game Plan

Exploring the difference between winning in life and finding the big win, emphasized by Jesus's kingdom and the need for a change of heart. An analogy is drawn from a sports perspective and how a game where a team needs a game plan to overcome challenges. The parallels are drawn to the Christian journey, suggesting the need for a game plan in the form of prayer. Encouraging rejoicing always, praying continually, and giving thanks in every situation, presenting prayer as a way to commune with God and align with His will.

Week 2  - Team Work

Drawing parallels between the movie "The Longest Yard" and the challenges encountered in real-life teamwork in sports and various aspects of life. There is importance in recognizing and valuing each individual's unique strengths and perspectives in a team. A cohesive team, sports, work, family, friends, community, or church functions effectively when individuals come together, support each other, and work toward a common goal.

Week 3  - Train Hard, Rest Hard

Pastor Mandy discusses the importance of combining training hard and resting hard in the context of spiritual growth. There is a connection to running and reading streaks that emphasizes the significance of self-discipline and the Sabbath. We are encouraged to find a balance between active engagement in spiritual practices and intentional rest, illustrating how both contribute to honoring God.

Week 4 - The Big Win is Meant to be Shared

Pastor John Ewton shares the Big Win, reflecting on the true source of joy and fulfillment in life, emphasizing the importance of serving others and sharing God's love rather than pursuing worldly possessions or achievements. He draws insights from the teachings of the Apostle Paul and personal anecdotes to convey the message that genuine joy is found in selfless giving and serving God's kingdom.