Don't Be Fake | The Book of James

The book of James and putting our faith into action. 

Don't be Misled - Week 1 

Join us for a transformative journey through the Book of James over the next five weeks. Dive into its five chapters, each holding profound wisdom for living an authentic Christian life. James, the author, encourages us to bridge the gap between faith and action. Embrace this opportunity to engage with scripture and apply its teachings to your daily life. Let's learn, grow, and embody the love and wisdom of Jesus together. Don't miss out on this powerful exploration of faith in action.

Don't Show Favoritism - Week 2

This message is the second week of a sermon series centered around the book of James, emphasizing that faith necessitates action and works. The message discusses the theme of showing favoritism, exploring how it contradicts James' teachings and Jesus' call for impartiality. Using an example of unequal treatment based on appearances, the message emphasizes the importance of treating all individuals fairly and references biblical passages and historical instances that stress compassion for others. The message urges the congregation to embody these teachings by actively displaying mercy over judgment and translating their faith into practical acts of love and kindness towards everyone.

Don't Say It - Week 3

Pastor Mandy explores the theme of controlling one's words and tongue, drawing parallels between the power of words and the impact of her own tongue troubles. She emphasize the importance of choosing words wisely, citing examples of positive and negative speech, as well as discussing how words can either cultivate or destroy relationships. The message concludes by referencing the teachings of Jesus and James, urging listeners to consider the impact of their words and strive for wisdom in speech.

Don't Be Jealous - Week 4 

In her sermon on James Chapter Four, Pastor Mandy focuses on the theme of conflict and its roots in human desires. She explains, delves into the origin of conflicts tied to jealousy, selfish ambitions, and unfulfilled desires, which can escalate into more serious sins. She highlights the transformative power of godly sorrow and emphasizes turning away from sin, resisting worldly temptations, and submitting to God. The sermon concludes with an invitation to seek reconciliation and allow God's grace to guide a path towards inner peace and a deeper relationship with Him.

Don't Do It Alone - Week 5



Derek Steinacher discusses how comedian Nate Bargatze's joke about the silent treatment highlights how people often use it. It delves into the movie "The Sixth Sense" and how the surprise ending was once a big spoiler but now prompts reflections on perspective. The message delves into James 5, discussing the consequences of pursuing wealth and power selfishly, emphasizing the importance of community and prayer. It also shares stories of individuals who have lived selflessly, like Sister Jesse, the solar panel donor, and those who contribute to community projects. The overall message is about embracing a selfless life connected to others, inspired by Jesus' example.