It's a Boy, His Name is Jesus!

A message series that explores the multifaceted identity of Jesus Christ, portraying him as the Messiah, a revolutionary teacher, a prophetic figure, the embodiment of God, and a compassionate friend. The series delves into the radical and rule-breaking nature of Jesus, highlighting pivotal moments like the Christmas Story, the encounter with the rich, young ruler, the transformative conversation with the Woman at the Well, and the signs and miraculous works Jesus performed. This dynamic series prompts reflection on faith and the profound impact of encountering the radical Jesus who came to break boundaries and bring transformation.

Christmas Eve - Jesus is God - Week 1 

Pastor Mandy explores the profound symbolism of "logos," framing Jesus as the universal light and life. The reading of the Christmas story further reinforces the message of Jesus as the bringer of peace, love, and joy. Acknowledging the darkness in the world, the pastor encourages unwavering hope and refuses to relinquish the belief in peace on Earth, even in challenging times. The message concludes with a prayer, expressing gratitude for the gift of Jesus and a desire for continued understanding and transformation through the timeless Christmas story. 

Jesus as Teacher - Week 2

We delve into a biblical story about 12-year-old Jesus being left behind in Jerusalem by his parents. This rare glimpse into Jesus's childhood emphasizes the first recorded words of Jesus, indicating a sense of purpose about being in His Father's house. Then, explore Jesus's various roles, focusing on Him being a teacher. Comparisons are drawn between Jesus and teachers in other religions, highlighting the universal recognition of Jesus as a wise teacher. A story about a rich young ruler seeking guidance from Jesus is discussed to illustrate how Jesus tailors teachings to individual needs. 

It's a boy, His name is Jesus - Jesus is Radical - Week 3

Focusing on Jesus breaking down barriers, specifically addressing the encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. The message emphasizes Jesus's radical love that transcends societal divisions and challenges traditional norms, encouraging listeners to embrace a new way of understanding faith without barriers. Even in contemporary issues, it is important to share the transformative experience of encountering Jesus. 

It's a boy, His name is Jesus - Jesus is Messiah - Week 4

Showing the journey of Jesus from being a baby in the manger to being recognized as the Messiah. The biblical account from Luke chapter two, where Jesus was presented at the temple when he was about six weeks old. Simeon and Anna recognized and proclaimed Jesus as the chosen one. The transformative power of encountering Jesus in unexpected ways encourages us to seek Jesus in our lives. Jesus' Kingdom is counter-cultural, full of forgiveness and love.