I am Horizons

Each week, we'll hear stories from people who are part of Horizons and who make us who we are- and you'll hear their stories of how their lives are different because of Jesus.


Paul has a story

We all have stories. The apostle Paul has a story. Paul was one of the greatest leaders in the church- laying the foundation for the early church–sharing the good news of Jesus ALL over, planting churches, and encouraging leaders to join the movement. Paul was not one of the twelve disciples. In fact, he was the opposite of a follower of Jesus until after the resurrection.

Everyone has a Story - Confirmation Sunday

Confirmation Sunday, you'll hear testimonies of the students getting confirmed. They are the current church and the future church. And so it matters that the church still exists for them as they grow into adults. Confirmation is more than just about students learning about Jesus and exploring their faith- it's also about surrounding them with staff, volunteers, adult and youth mentors, and a whole church that values serving beyond the walls of Horizons.

Finding Your Story 

We are talking about our stories- the stories we have when Jesus transforms our lives and we  find our story and rediscover our story so we don't wander off into our own path and Jesus is no longer the center in our world.  

Living Your Story

There’s power in our stories when we share them and it’s even more powerful when we live out our story. So, how do we live out our story?