Faith . . .


Tear down rotten and moldy structures and find a firm foundation;
a foundation built on the resurrection of Jesus. Recreate with the strength of God’s people and hope for the future.

Ready to reconstruct?

Reconstruction - Our belief in the Resurrection - Week 1

In the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can take a look at the core belief of what He has done. Deconstructing our faith from society and building it on the foundation of Jesus.

Reconstruction - Nehemiah and the Power of God's People - Week 2

You may have heard Horizons talk about Justice in Action, the justice ministry. I want to explain where it started- what scripture can teach us, and the hope brewing in our church and our city. 

Reconstruction - Our excitement for the future - Week 3

It’s so easy to lose hope for the future. It is easy to lose hope in the church. And when certain things happen, we even wonder if we SHOULD give up?