Weird Stories Important Lessons

 We'll dig into some Old Testaments stories that seem ancient and weird but can help us on our walk with Jesus today. 

The Beauty Pageant - Week 1 

The narrative of Esther is likened to a chess match between good and evil, where God's presence is evident despite not being explicitly mentioned. The story revolves around Esther, a teenage girl who finds herself in the midst of a power struggle in ancient Persia. The message highlights the importance of acknowledging uncomfortable aspects of both biblical narratives and modern realities, such as sex trafficking, and how individuals can step up for justice, much like Esther did. We are encouraged to confront uncomfortable issues, seeking inspiration from Esther's bravery and God's guiding presence.

The Talking Donkey - Week 2

The Book of Numbers, Chapter 22, highlighting the story of the Lord's messenger, Balaam, and his talking donkey. The narrative unfolds with the donkey sensing the angel's presence, leading to a series of interactions between Balaam and the donkey. The donkey's sudden ability to speak and Balaam's subsequent enlightenment are recounted. Eduardo draws a parallel with the famous talking donkey in "Shrek" and emphasizes the significance of this biblical story in Christian contexts. The message explores themes of sight and perception, urging listeners to be mindful of both the visible and hidden aspects of life. Eduardo concludes with a call to seek divine insight, recognizing the needs of others and contributing to the realization of God's Kingdom on Earth.

Giants in the Land - Week 3

The narrative revolves around a group of fugitives who were generations of slaves in Egypt. Despite the miraculous events they witnessed, such as the plagues and God's guidance, fear and doubt crept in as they approached the promised land. Twelve scouts were sent to assess the land, and ten of them returned with a fearful report about the powerful inhabitants. However, Caleb and Joshua displayed unwavering faith, viewing the challenges through God's power and believing in their ability to conquer. Pastor John draws parallels to challenges faced by the church's early founders, emphasizing the need for strong faith, trust in God's character, and the ability to overcome obstacles with God's strength. The message concludes with a prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to empower believers to face challenges and giants with courage.

Wrestling with God - Week 4

Focusing on the story of Jacob wrestling with God from the book of Genesis. The sermon explores the theme of wrestling with God, drawing parallels between Jacob's struggle and the challenges people face in their spiritual journeys. Pastor Barkhaus emphasizes the idea that wrestling with God leads to blessings, even in the midst of one's flaws and mistakes. The sermon encourages listeners to engage in authentic, meaningful relationships with God and to seek blessings through faith and perseverance. The story of Jacob serves as a reminder that God embraces individuals despite their imperfections and actively participates in their lives. The message concludes with a call to action, urging the congregation to embrace the struggles and challenges in their lives as opportunities to wrestle with God and receive blessings.