Discovery Zone

A place where birth-4th graders get the chance to be entertained and engaged by the fun, friendly atmosphere.

Toddlers smiling and dancing trying to catch bubbles

Join together and watch service as a family

Every Sunday at 9 am or 10:45 am


Find the Study for this week and watch the teaching video. 


After the video click the link to the discussion guides. 


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bedtime stories, games and activities.

(Parents watch the videos with students.) 

Discovery Zone Preschool

Pre-school June 28 - July 26

Noah was safe during the flood because he obeyed God. You can obey, too!Pretend to be the animals on Noah’s ark while you play Noah Says.

Preschoolers, infant through pre-kindergarten, students learn in such a way that we repeat the same lesson four weeks in a row to best suit their learning and help them grow.

Discovery Zone Elementary

Elementary June 14

Why do you help people, tell them about Jesus, and be their friend? Because it’s your mission! Jesus picked you to show others how they can become His followers!

Elementary June 21

God loves us, so we love others. It doesn’t matter how someone acts or what they look like. Do whatever it takes to love them and share Jesus with them. They need the same things you do: Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

Elementary June 28

Words aren’t the only way to help others become followers of Christ. People who don’t know Jesus watch the way you live. Do your actions and choices show them how to follow Jesus?

Elementary July 5

Your testimony is your true story of how following Jesus changed you. Share your testimony. Others learn about God’s love and power when you tell your story. They might even want to follow Jesus when they hear it!

Events and Classes

Vacation Bible School

Let’s Take a trip on the Scenic Route VBS

Join us for “The Best Week of the Summer!”


We know things are looking a lot different this year for many things. We are still looking forward to the best week of the summer.  Check out the VBS Road Trip.


July 19 – 22

Vacation bible school photo from the stage, behind the band. the backs of the singers and color crew, dancers. are to the camera. They are singing and dancing. The crowd beyond is a mass of kids and leaders all singing and dancing. Lots of light color bright fun happening.
Other Groups Environments