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Love Like That - All Church Study

Starts February 14

We are called to live like Jesus. What does that look like?

This study will help us learn how to LOVE like Jesus!

This study is best done in a group. Many group options will be available so if you haven’t found a community yet, join a group for this 6-week study!

Books, workbooks, and extra resources available through Horizons.


Financial Peace University

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30, Jan 12-Mar 9

Never again will you have to question if you’re doing the right thing with your money. Take control of your finances and your life today.

Core 52

You want to know the Bible better because you know the Bible will make you better. But where should I start? And how can I progress past the confusing parts? Core52 is your guide through the maze of a very big book. Welcome to the fast-track of biblical training.

Starting in January


Create new habits during this unusual season. Create a small group routine! If you are not currently in a community group registration for our fall groups is open.


Don’t miss this opportunity!


We are better together.

Saturday Life Group Work Out Cross Training
Group of three ladies smiling at the camera wearing grey horizons shirts.

Growth Track

Discover your purpose and live the life God created for you.


stepONE of Growth track starts at the beginning of the month.


Join in to Discover your Design, find your Next Step, and Join the team!

Horizons Prayer & Challenge Path

OPEN, Fun in snow too!

Knowing that social distancing was going to be important this Summer, we have worked the past couple of months to make a few updates for you, your friends, and our neighbors as you use the prayer path! Thanks to your generosity and the many volunteers at Horizons we are excited to announce that the updates are all ready to go!!

More Prayer Stations, Mind Body & Soul Guides, QR Codes, and a Treasure Chest!

Come Enjoy the great outdoors with some adventure!

Kids Playing Footgolf at Horizons Prayer and Activity Path