Horizons Specials

Chap Clark - The church and the marginalized.

Good parenting starts first with a good vision. From good visions good plans ensue. Have you ever witnessed what happens to parents and churches when children start growing healthy and robust faith relationships? Every parent and every engaged member of that church will find healthier, more robust faith as well.

Palm Sunday Skit

Youth skit on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Children Singing

Discovery Zone Youth birth- 4th-grade - Palm Sunday Songs

Confirmation 2022

- 9am Testimonies, Reaffirmations/Baptisms

Confirmation 2022

- 10:45 Testimonies, Reaffirmations/Baptisms

2022 High School Senior Blessing

Congratulations Highschoolers! Follow Jesus, Find your passion, and find your community!

Labor Day Online Only

My message this Labor Day weekend was about time. There is time for everything under the heavens.