Bible Plans

March 2 - April 9

Welcome to the Lent journey. During this experience, you are invited to a few awakenings. The purpose of this journey is to awaken to life. Life is God and life is with God. We will focus on the awakening to self, longing, life, friendship and calling.

April 10 - 17

It’s hard to imagine what Jesus was thinking and feeling in the days leading to cross, but one thing we do know—his trust and assurance in the goodness and faithful love of God. Take a journey this Holy Week through the gospels, walk with Jesus, ask God a simple question, and encounter the vast love of God.

March 6 - April 10

Connecting the Practices of Lent and Anti-racism is a new Lenten resource from the United Methodist Church’s General Commission on Religion and Race. The purpose of this study is to make explicit connections between the traditions of Lent and the work of anti-racism.