Couples Retreat


Know & Be Known 
The Power of Heart to Heart Communication

What To Expect:     

  • Learn to connect heart-to-heart vs head-to-head
  • Use an easy three-step model to make it simple and safe  
  • Experience intimate connection through non-judgemental conversation
  • Guided practice throughout the event
  • Practical skills that apply to anyone in any relationship

Instructor:  Jeremy Smith, Professional Counselor and Marriage Recovery Specialist

Dates:  May 3 & 4

  • Session 1:  Friday 5:30pm - 8:30pm (Dinner provided)
  • Session 2:  Saturday 8:30am-12pm (Breakfast provided)


Location:  Horizons Church  (3200 Grainger Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68516)

Cost:  $25 per person ($50/couple)
We never want cost to be a barrier for people to attend. If you are unable to pay full price, you can use the code : DISCOUNT for a 50% discount. If you need more assistance, please contact

Childcare:  Not provided