Deeper Relationship

Week 1 - It’s okay to embrace death when doing so is taking hold of life!

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time, He will lift you in honor. Remember that your family of believers worldwide is going through the same kind of suffering you are. Yet, God has called you to share in his eternal glory through Christ Jesus in his kindness. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you and place you on a firm foundation. All power to him forever! Amen.

Week 2 - We've been punk'd - misguided relationships

Moving from our big-picture look at relationship, we now focus around our most primary—that with our God, Father, and Creator. Our first in the series, “We’ve Been Punk’d” suggests we might be going about our relationship with God in a misguided way. Discover the actual relationship God wants to have with you, and you with others!

Week 3 - Better Without It

Moving from our big-picture look at relationship, we now focus around our most primary—that with our God, Father, and Creator. Our second in the series, “Breakout Session” Leads us into a deep look at what we know and what we are actually being told by the Spirit and how we might break out of those previous molds to dive deeper into the truth of who God is.

Week 4 - “A Solved Mystery” 25 year Celebration

Our 25th Anniversary Sunday will be full of stories, celebrations, memories, and dreams, and will ultimately focus us on the future and learning to know and “unknowable” God through relationships.

Week 5 - Inconceivable Good

This week is the 4th of “Seeking Higher Ground,” growing in our good, good God. This Sunday is the first of the “knowing benefits” in our relationship with God. God empowers us through our intimacy in Him. But why? Right

Week 6 - Finding your identity - Unusual Suspect

This message celebrates the grace of knowing fully who we are (identity) and what God has designed us to do (purpose) as we come to know our Designer. While my son and daughter may have a long way to go and plenty of setbacks to face along the way, I think they are already discovering what took me 22 years (maybe more). Have you stopped to think about it and to ask God-“Who have you made me to be, Father? What would YOU have me do today?” 

Week 6 - Learning to be CARED for

This message wrapped up our series “Seeking Higher Ground,” which focused on our primary relationship with God. The final grace of knowing Him intimately is being grafted in, cared for, and made to produce fruit. So consider this week how God is caring for you—pruning, protecting, guiding you, and how God is working to produce fruit in you that will truly impact others.

Week 6.5 - Good Friday

A service of lament and proclimation. To see the morning and sadness but raising our heads because death wasn't defeated that night.

Week 7 - Easter Morning

Let's shout it out HE IS ALIVE!
A praise and glory filled message and music!

Jesus is ALIVE, for you and for me.