Good Soil

Week 1 - Looking for an Expert

Our new series “Good Soil,” dialing in on our internal relationship with ourselves. We must first love ourselves if we wish to love others or be lovable by others.

Week 2 - Allignment

To be good for others, first be good with yourself.

Week 3 - Forgiveness

Dialing in on our “internal soil” conditions. Good relationships need proper nutrients to grow good fruit. This Sunday, we check our “forgiveness” levels and how to forgive. Resentment stifles good fruit.

Week 4 - Yelp

Don't you want to go to a restaurant with the best tasting food? Maybe you are looking for the best running shoes? We rely on information from others on where to shop or what to look for in products. We do this by searching reviews or asking friends. But what would your own personal Yelp or Google Review say about you? 

Week 5 - a Passion of Life

Few of us have probably stopped to consider how vital our internal PASSION levels are to our relationships. Find out what passion leads us toward and from what it steers us away.

Week 6 - more than Grace

We wrap up our series, Good Soil, with our final soil level—GRACE. Got grace? What exactly is it? What does it look like in motion?