Horizons Property

Thanks to the generous gift of a private donor, Horizons is excited to make an impact on environmental sustainability and save on our ministries’ energy costs through the installation of solar panels!

Above their generous base gift, the donor also offered a $5,000 matching donation. As of the end of August, Horizons has met the match in full! Watch for the installation of the Solar Panels coming soon. We are hoping that work will begin in the Fall of 2023.

You can still make a donation to the Property & Maintenance Fund. These funds will help us as we work on the first phase of our discipleship path, welcoming new guests! A welcoming and inviting facility makes a huge impact on first-time guests! All donations from this point forward will be used by our Property Management Team as they work towards projects like repairing and maintaining the parking lot, updating fire panels, and more.


We encourage you to consider being part of this fund above and beyond your general fund giving.


Thank you for helping us create a world impacting and welcoming environment at Horizons!