For we are God’s coworkers, working together; you are God’s field, God’s building. -I Corinthians 3:9

The faith journey is like a path that we move along. Each of us is created uniquely but also in the same image of God. We each walk along the path in distinctive ways and are encouraged by others who walk along the path as we go. We all are God's coworkers.

WHY MOVE ALONG THE GIVING PATH?  It is God’s intention that we grow more generous and take bigger steps in our giving as we become more aware of how richly God has blessed us in Christ.

On October 16, we will begin our annual Stewardship campaign, Pathways: Built for a Purpose. 

Prayerfully consider your estimate of giving and fill out the form below by Sun. Nov. 6

Your estimate of giving is your plan to participate in Horizons future.  Your Estimate of Giving is not automatically applied to your giving. You will need to adjust your giving via your giving account for 2023. We will send out reminders with quarterly and year-end statements. Thank you.