Pastor Jason - July 25, 2021

Washed Up - Alive, Leading, Purpose

Sunday’s Next Step: Baptism can seem like a peculiar thing sometimes, can’t it? When we’re receiving ours, it all makes sense. But looking in on it, some might say, “so you enter the water as one person and come out a new person? Just like that?” And there is also the chance it all made sense closer to our baptism, but now it seems less clear as time has passed. It’s for all these reasons I’m so thankful we were led to share a Word on baptism last Sunday. As we saw, it’s absolutely vital to lives we hope to live in Christ from that moment forward. In short, it is in our baptism that we will find EVERYTHING we are needing and missing in our lives because it is in baptism, through the washing over and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we are given everything. Now, the question is, how much fruit do you see from your baptism? While the quality of Jesus’ presence and fruit in our lives is not dependent on how hard we try, it IS dependent on the quality of soil we let the seed of baptism fall into and how much we have watered that seed. Little fruit is an indication of poor soils and scarce water, and the opposite is also true. Digging Deeper: What is your baptism experience? What are the fruits you see from it? Is God leading you or someone you know to baptism or reaffirmation on August 8th? How will today’s message change how your baptism is continuing to grow new fruit in you?

From Series: "2021 Jesus in Matthew"

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